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Rack Knowledge

  • Several methods for processing rack
    Rack does not have a fixed pattern processing , is used according to the specific scope of the present is different processing methods. We choose the good blank , and then machined .
  • Let's discuss some of the characteristics of racks
    In mechanical transmission, rack took various forms, the common types of spur rack rack and rack was also shaped Oblique teeth gear rack, with those of their transmission parts are spur gears and helical cylindrical gears, and herringbone ...
  • What parameters rack? How to choose rack?
    Want to be with infinite cylindrical rack gear, so the parameters of rack and pinion has the same parameters: modulus, pressure angle, number of teeth, helix angle (oblique rack), wide choice of rack teeth mainly determined by the design ...
  • The process of rack
    The process of one kinds of the rack , for the high hardness , high-precision rack processing, including a heat treatment of the material , machining and surfacing tooth copper layer , the use of two wire cutting tooth and two tooth treatme...
  • Classification and characteristics of rack
    rack can be divided spur and helical racks rack, respectively, and spur gears and helical gears used in pairs; rack tooth profile is a straight line rather than involute (on the tooth surface compared in terms of plane) equivalent pitch circle ra...
  • The best fit rack and pinion
    Rack and pinion with zero backlash tolerance should be made how to choose ? A helical gear rack can not be selected in the design tolerance is reached when the backlash with 0 , only by adjusting mechanism design ( adjust the center distan...
  • Two rack range of applications
    Two rack range of applications For fast, accurate positioning mechanism: (1) For heavy-duty, high-precision, high rigidity, high speed, long stroke of CNC machine tools, milling machines, drilling machines, lathes, machining centers...
  • Gear history
    According to historical records , as far away as 400 to 200 years BC in ancient China to Pat started using gear , in China Shanxi unearthed bronze gear is by far the oldest found Pat gear , as a reflection of the achievements of science a...